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Cindy Zughbi, MD

Primary Care Physician in

Fort Myers

Get flexible, affordable, comprehensive medical care without the hassle and limitations of conventional insurance.  

Our Mission...
Accessible, Affordable Care 

Primary medical care should be affordable, comprehensive and focused on the personal needs of every patient - not the corporate policies of insurance companies. As a patient of Dr. Zughbi, you'll enjoy a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model that ensures you enjoy...

  • More face time and individualized care with your doctor

  • Affordable care with no copays or deductibles

  • Flexible office hours that fit your busy schedule

  • Direct communication with your doctor via text, email and telemedicine technologies

  • Discounts on select specialized health services


And, because your care is not limited by corporate decisions, you get the care you deserve without waiting for approvals or receiving surprise bills for necessary medical services that your insurance provider failed to cover.

Medical Information
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You Read That Right...
No Insurance Necessary

Our DPC model removes insurance companies from the primary care doctor-patient relationship. By eliminating the hassle and interference of third parties, you and your doctor can truly collaborate on a holistic, individualized wellness strategy that allows you to receive the best care and live your best life. 

What If I Have Insurance?

If you have insurance, we can still provide you with an opportunity to save money and get a higher level of primary care. Plus, Dr. Zughbi's friendly staff can provide you with HCFA 1500 paperwork that you can submit to be reimbursed by your insurance provider for many of her services.

Our Pricing Model


First time or one-time patients. 
Includes bloodwork and medications.


$175 for established or routine patients. 
Includes most tests and medications.


Meet Dr. Zughbi...
Your New Primary Care Physician

Dr. Zughbi believes that building and maintaining a consistent relationship with a primary care provider isn't just something that needs to happen when you're sick. Instead, it's an ongoing process where you work toward specific health and wellness objectives that fit your lifestyle.


Through regular office visits, Dr. Zughbi works with you to establish healthy living goals and preventative measures designed to keep you healthy, as well as manage endemic issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, allergies, skin conditions, men's & women's health issues and much more.  

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Working with a DPC Physician...
Has Benefits You'll Enjoy

Our patients enjoy full access to care without outside barriers or interference. As a patient of Dr. Zughbi, you’ll have:

  • More time with your doctor during office visits

  • Convenient office hours and telemedicine appointments

  • No co-pays or limits on doctor's office visits

  • Low or no-cost physicals, wellness education, chronic disease management, simple procedures, labs, medications and more.

And, because we see fewer patients per day than a traditional insurance-based practice, we ensure you receive the absolute best care possible.

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